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At Providencia we believe that we must preserve our planet and our health!

We can each at our own level consume better and produce better.

In our biscuits you will find no preservatives , no colorings, no stabilizers , nothing that you would not put in a biscuit yourself...

We favor short circuits as much as possible.

All of our cookies are handmade with love.

All our raw materials are carefully selected. Our suppliers are sourced as close as possible to our workshop in the Basque Country, allowing us to offer you quality biscuits. Our eggs and flour come from the Basque Country. The butter we use comes either from a Basque dairy or is AOP Charentes-Poitou.

Our commitment to the environment also involves the choice of packaging for our quality boxes made to last and have a second life by being reused as you see fit (jewelry box, small haberdashery, souvenirs, etc.)!

Our shipping boxes can be used to send your own packages...

Zoé, founder of Providencia

After several frenetic years spent working in marketing between Paris , my hometown and Madrid , the city of my heart, I decided to change direction and make my lifelong passion my profession: pastry .

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, I always knew that I would create my own company.

At 28, wanting to lead a life more in line with what I really liked, I decided to begin a career change . I then took and obtained my CAP Pastry chef as a free candidate , then moved to the Basque Country.

Saint Jean de Luz was the ideal place for me to launch into my new activity. I got closer to both Spain and nature, and I had at my fingertips all the richness and quality of the products of the Basque Country .

My experience in marketing in the cosmetics and food industries has reinforced my concern for the quality of raw materials but also that of presentation and aesthetics .

Convinced that it was necessary to offer a product that was both good and beautiful, I finally decided to create my own company... Providencia was born at the end of 2019 from my desire to design a quality, unique, pretty product, tailor-made by and for the consumer, while respecting nature and local producers.

Finally, if there is one essential thing that I have learned from my years spent in marketing, it is that customer experience and satisfaction are essential .

This is why each of your orders is treated with the greatest care and attention in order to offer you the best possible experience at Providencia .

I am always open to your suggestions, questions, opinions, so do not hesitate to write to me at hello@providenciashop.com.


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